Tastemakers LSDREAM & INZO Guide Us Un A Psychedelic Funk Trip In New Single “BLASTA”

There are often moments in our lives where we just need a guide to take us on a wild electronic journey, if only for some perspective. On our latest visit over to Wakaan we are checking out “BLASTA”, the latest from LSDREAM & INZO. If you have been following our Psy journey over the last few years, you’d recognize trailblazer LSDREAM finally out of the supporting role and taking their spot on center stage. After spending the last three months together on LSDREAM’s “PEACE, LOVE & WUBS” tour, this LSDREAM & INZO collaboration is for from over. After capturing audiences full attention during their eye-catching live performances, LSDREAM & INZO have no plans on slowing down in the latter half of 2022. LSDREAM has slots at major festivals including Forbidden Kingdom, Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Forest, and more, while INZO is slated for spots at Sunset Music Festival and the renowned Red Rocks Amphitheater. With all of the harmony that we see between these two power players, we won’t be surprised if a new collaborative act might be on the horizon. 

When it comes to powerhouses like LSDREAM & INZO, you’re never actually sure what you are going to get once they step out of the studio. For example, we were introduced to LSDREAM back during their collaboration with Howwler on “Pillars of Light“, which takes a more grandiose and ambient soundscape tone. On the contrary, “BLASTA” is a bit more of an amalgamation, a true combination of the many different facets of LSDREAM & INZO. While the single may lie in the world of psychedelic funk, just peeling back one layer we can find elements of modern bass music, dubstep, even lounge music, and retro synth. While it may seem like just another heavy bass track on the surface, “BLASTA” is so much more than that, as long as you care to push play.

Make sure you check out “BLASTA” on Spotify below or over on your favorite streaming platform!

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Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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