Experimental Bass Producer Templo Drops New EP “Never Say Goodbye” A Sonic Journey Through Bass Music

The world of experimental bass music is so vast and endless, that it feels like we can swim around in this pool forever. On our latest visit over to Electic Hawk we are checking out Never Say Goodbye, a brand new EP from Templo. No stranger to the experimental bass scene, Templo has been teasing bass heads worldwide for the last few years with his audible soundscapes. Known for his earth-shattering bass epics, Templo pulls elements from hip-hop, dub, glitch, and ambient sounds in order to create the amalgamation that is Templo. As a producer he decides to carve his own path throughout the experimental scene, being able to freely cultivate a dedicated following of like-minded fans of experimental bass. With 2022 in full swing, the future has never been more bright for Templo, coming off the release of his previous album and much more music slated for drops later this year. On top of that, Templo’s also snagged slots at Lightning in a Bottle, Sonic Bloom, Dreamscape, Yonderville, and Circus of Life!

This is probably some of the most emotional music I’ve made and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” -Templo

When we have an experimental bass artist like Templo slide into our inbox, we’re never exactly sure what is in store for us. However, that is the nature of this genre, since once you throw experimental in front of a title anything goes. Never Say Goodbye is a rather interesting EP, as Templo goes out of his way to create a rather unique and explorative sound experience for listeners to indulge in. While Templo does set an initial tone right out the gate with “Metaluna”, it only signifies the start of our musical journey as we flow into a more playful dreamlike scenario with the EP’s title track and “Lost”. Both “Never Say Goodbye” and “Lost” are actually only a few track to have lyrics from Templo himself, adding another layer to the track’s production. While Never Say Goodbye is about Templo continuing his exploration of experimental bass, long-time Templo fans still have his signature sound to fall back on with “Everything You Know”, which embraces the darker end of his style. Simply put, if you need to sit back and just vibe with some experimental bass, Never Say Goodbye is just waiting for you to p

Make sure you check out the Never Say Goodbye EP on Spotify below!

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