Producer KURA Injects Throwback “Rave” Music into the Protocol Rotation

While we wouldn’t normally go to Protocol for our pure rave music hit, but the label consistently surprises us. This week we are stopping off at the Protocol imprint for “Rave” the latest single from KURA. Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings has been a mover and a shaker in the modern electronic dance scene, allowing plenty of new artists to burst onto the scene and make their mark. While Protocol has been known for progressive house music, their catalog has expanded to encompass a wide diversity of sounds. Protocol is a major player every year at Miami Music Week, and despite not having the chance to perform this year, the label has other methods to put their overwhelmingly talented roster out on display. While this might be KURA’s first official drop on the Protocol imprint, he did remix John Christian’s “Next Level” all the way back in 2014.

While we can often go mosey on over to Protocol to satisfy most of our EDM needs and urges, rave-focused music isn’t normally one of their fields. On KURA’s first official visit to the label, he has already made space for himself within the imprint’s roster. “Rave” heavily derives from traditional throwback sounds of festival rave music, especially during the most recent boom around the early 2010s. KURA elevates this homage with heavy basslines and a quick vocal hook that is just enough to force you to dance in your living room. “Rave” also features KURA’s energetic melodies that wrap up this upbeat party-ready bop that will help enhance your 2020 music tastes.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Rave” below or on Spotify!

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