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Make Way For the Anti-Pop! DNMO & Noy Markel Release Second Single "No Way Out"

Make way for fresh talent, everyone move out of the way. Today we are bounding back over to Deadbeats for “No Way Out”, the second anticipated single from DNMO’s upcoming Definition Forbidden EP. At the meager age of 17, DNMO is already making plenty of waves in the dance music community with multiple successful releases under his belt already. While he has recently found his home with the Deadbeats family, DNMO has crushed many other milestones for upcoming artists. For example, DNMO is now the youngest artist to perform at the iconic American Red Rocks Amphitheatre, following that up with multiple major festival appearances. DNMO has the talent to make it in this industry, as long as he makes the right choices.

No Way Out‘ was one of the first steps I took over the last 12 months towards a new electronic meets pop wave of my music. I think most people have experienced feeling like they’re in a never-ending tricky situation, or felt the paranoia of someone you love being shady. So when Noy showed me her initial idea, I knew we could team up and create something the majority of us can relate to.” – DNMO

Sure, this track may seem that DNMO is dipping his toe into the world of pop, but it’s more like anti-pop. “No Way Out” doesn’t just intrigue pop fiends, but the bass heads and listeners of the underground as well. The track is a fantastic collaboration between DNMO and vocalist Noy Markel, which allows both to stretch their musical talents in a slightly different direction. “No Way Out” doesn’t just express DNMO’s darker more industrial-leaning style, it showcases an organic and heartsick experience with an extra dose of industrial breaks. Between the almost grimy basslines and Noy’s sultry yet soulful vocal work, we can’t decide what we like more!
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