Thomas Gold & Kosling Push Progressive House Back to the Forefront with "Wildest Dream".

Some of the industry’s best tracks come from that moment when a veteran combines their efforts with a fresh up and comer. On the last stop of this trip, we are bouncing on over to Protocol for “Wildest Dream”, a fresh collaboration between powerhouse Thomas Gold and newcomer Kosling. Starting off his career back in 2008 with his remix of Delirium’s “Silence”, Gold has quickly become one of the most well-known names in the industry. Gold has made the rounds of the major labels of his career, with “Magic” over on Armada reaching 55 million streams. However, what sets Gold apart from the pack is his epic live stage performances which have attributed to his ever-growing global following.
The latest addition to Gold’s catalog, “Wildest Dreams” doesn’t feel like it belongs in today’s industry. While this may appear to be a bad thing, it’s not. This track whisks us back to the early 2010s, back when progressive house dominated the worldwide industry and anthems were constantly being created. “Wildest Dreams” is not just uplifting and hopeful, it fills up our motivation and gives us the courage to conquer the world. Gold and Kosling’s complimentary styles set the stage for vocalist Matthew Steeper to top off the track with a powerful yet soulful performance. These three artists were able to re-create a sound that was almost forgotten…thank you.
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