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Protocol’s Tim van Werd Recruits Crime Zcene + Dan Soleil For “On Your Side”, 9th Drop on Protocol!

As Protocol continues to evolve their core sound, it is being made evidently clear that the label will have the right producer for their specific genre. On our latest visit over to Protocol we are checking out “On Your Side”, from Tim Van Werd and co. Unlike many producers in similar positions, Van Werd’s love for music came through the lens of classical and jazz, showing interest in the drums, trumpet, and piano. This versatile interest in music heavily influenced his early sound, further pushing Van Werd to break the traditional rules of genre in music. Earning support early on in his career from the likes of Hardwell and Nicky Romero, Van Werd truly broke through the noise when he released his hit “Balkan Disco” which has now amassed over 4 million plays. Van Werd has followed up with multiple successful singles that have caught the eyes of many playmakers in the industry, with “On Your Side” being his ninth release on Protocol.

Van Werd has been a staple producer for us to keep an eye on and he might have just become our go to producer for groovy progressive house music over at Protocol. A veteran in the imprint’s progressive house line up, you know than if Van Werd is involved in a project that there has to be something intriguing about it. With “On Your Side” being Van Werd’s 9th release for the label, he decided to recuit fellow Dutch producer Crime Zcene as well as tap Dan Soleil for vocals. Using a strong driving bassline as its foundation, “On Your Side” grows into a solid house track with shimmering melodies, only to be complimented by Soleil’s almost dreamlike vocal performance. “On Your Side” is a solid house track from the Van Werd camp and we can’t wait to see it light up the club circuit.

Make sure you check out “On Your Side” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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