QUIX Goes Back To Where It All Started, Revisiting Dim Mak For New Single “Make Up Your Mind”

On our latest dive into the EDM world, we are taking a step into the past. On our latest visit over to Dim Mak we are checking out “Make Up Your Mind”, the latest single from QUIX. Originating from New Zealand, QUIX broke through the American scene after an international tour that was 10 dates turned into 42. QUIX was incredibly busy throughout 2018-19, headlining multiple major tours and a breakout Illusions EP through the Dim Mak label. Since then, QUIX’s Illusions EP has racked up millions of streams online and introduced QUIX’s signature take on drum’n’bass to electronic music fans everywhere. He even received plenty of support from Spotify and snagged features on the covers of their playlists “Mint” and “Dance Rising,” and officially remixed the likes of Steve AokiGASHIRL Grime, and more

I actually started writing this beat last year during a twitch stream; funnily enough, Jaden had already sent me the topline months before. Essentially, I mashed up the beat with her vocal and surprised myself with how well they worked together. I’ve never made a DnB song like this before, and I wanted to challenge myself to incorporate the mainstream style with my signature style. Thank you for listening, and hope you enjoyed yourself, especially on that last drop” – QUIX

We are definitely no strangers to the electronic music world, but I’ll be frank…we don’t cover enough drum’n’bass. Personally, that is a damn shame, as drum’n’bass is one of two subgenres (along with techno) that introduced us to the world of EDM. Anyway, this time around QUIX is back where it all started at Dim Mak to provide listeners for some classic drum’n’bass with an emotive twist. QUIX’s heavy focus on D’n’B elements is actually to honor his home country of New Zealand, where the subgenre has always had a powerful and dedicated following. “Make Up Your Mind” feels like signature QUIX, even with Nashville singer-songwriter Jaden Michaels providing the perfect hook to match QUIX’s high energy output. QUIX is actually one of the first artists that we covered online (back around his Illusions EP at Dim Mak), so we are thrilled to see him revisiting the label where it all started.

Make sure you check out “Make Up Your Mind” on Spotify below!

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