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Abstractions : Collected By Somatoast, a Brand New Curation for A Magical & Sonic Journey, Out Now on Gravitas

While our main stuff gets an absolute thrill when they have the chance to curate a project, but we need to take a look at a master’s approach. On our latest visit to Gravitas we are checking out Abstractions, a brand new collection from Somatoast. The concept of Somatoast was conceived by talented producer Mark Rubin after years of experimentation in the ambient and world genres. A multi-instrumentalist by trade, Rubin started his musical career by learning drums as a young child…merely sparking his love for learning instruments. Rubin would go on to learn piano, guitar, bass, and a number of percussive instruments, hitting the ground running in high school when he began writing songs and producing for local bands. Rubin continued his experimentation through music while he studied digital media in college, where Somatoast was born. Somatoast blossomed thanks to Austin’s live music scene, and some of his earliest performances can be found at local co-op parties and electronic music events.

Abstractions, a remarkable compilation by Somatoast and Gravitas Recordings, ushers listeners into the world of cutting-edge downtempo bass music. This release marks a significant turning point for Gravitas Recordings as they spotlight their core artists while providing a platform for emerging producers. Carefully selected by Somatoast, the EP showcases a diverse range of artists, each contributing their unique take on the genre. From Somatoast’s captivating “Vox Populi” to Nyquist’s ethereal “Galaxies” and the dreamy “Kaleidoscopia” by DeemZoo & Martins Garden, the EP explores a spectrum of sounds. It all culminates in a powerful and funky conclusion with EOS’s “Blueberry Bubbles.” “Abstractions” offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world of modern bass music, skillfully balancing mellowness with intensity, and leaving listeners eager for more from these talented artists.

Make sure you chcek out Abstractions: Collected by Somatoast on Spotify below and on your favorite streaming platform!

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