Producer PLS&TY x Singer Bobby Saint Drop 2021 Summer Anthem “Ride or Die”

If there is any indie artist that changes up their approach almost on every release, it is today’s artist. On our latest look into the indie electronic world we are checking out “Ride or Die”, the latest drop from PLS&TY. PLS&TY is constantly striving for success in the modern bass music scene, developing his new languid bass style to completely flip the modern industry on its head. PLS&TY has had plenty of success after signing with Universal Music Group, PLS&TY’s “Good Vibes” rocketed him to the top of the charts, reaching #1 in multiple countries. He has even taken the world of television into his hands, with multiple remixes appearing on multiple series. His own remix of Genevieve’s “Colors” was featured in a Hershey’s chocolate commercial and snagged a cool billion views. He even dropped the new Very Special EP back in April that features tracks with artists like Sean Kingston, Wifisfuneral, & Alex Aiono.

Ride or Die‘ is a summertime, feel-good single that encompasses love & romance. Bobby Saint‘s vocals lead listeners to imagine time spent in tropical paradise with their partner. Together, Bobby Saint and I created a song that transmits the ethos of the PLS&TY brand: good vibes and good times. Enjoy.” – PLS&TY

Now that 2021’s summer is in full swing, it is time for all of our favorite producers to craft our summer anthems for the year. PLS&TY is back for another round with their own summer anthem “Ride or Die”, this time recruiting singer Bobby Saint for a bit of backup. A bright, sunny, feel-good single, “Ride or Die” has only positivity pulsing through its veins. PLS&TY’s uplifting and breezy production keeps the experience light-hearted and enjoyable, while also stepping aside for Saint’s vocal stylings to elevate the track to true summer anthem status. For us in the Modern Neon office, the track has already reached earworm status and may have been on repeat since we opened up shop this morning. PLS&TY and Bobby Saint’s chemistry is perfect for “Ride or Die” to be the smash summer hit it deserves to be.

Make sure you check out “Ride or Die” on Spotify below!

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