Gravatis Recordings x High Vibe Records Co-Release New Tribal World Remix “Mythic Descent (Akriza Remix)” With Equanimous, Orenda, & Akriza

Today is a perfect example of why we love the bass music scene. On our latest visit to Gravitas and High Vibe we are checking out “Mythic Descent (Akriza Remix)” the latest drop from Equanimous, Orenda, and Akriza. While Equanimous hasn’t been on the scene for relatively long, he has accomplished quite a bit in his mission to bring deep house from the dance floor directly to your ears. In their short time they have already collaborated with the likes of The Polish Ambassador, DJ Taz Rashid, Momentology, and Activation to name a few. While 2020 has been a mess for live touring, Equanimous has made electric live performances at Northern Nights, Earth Frequency Festival, Same Same But Different Festival, and many others. Equanimous even curated and coordinated the Global Unity Festival which featured over 170 different acts!

However, Equanimous isn’t the only talented artist in this momentous collaboration. The original track “Mystic Descent” appears off of Orenda’s 2019 album Reverie, which thrived upon release on Gravitas. Orenda is a major mainstay in the underground bass music scene in the San Francisco Bay Area, inspired to create by other notable San Francisco underground artists. Under the pseudonym Orenda, he has made an imprint onto the scene with his unique blend of West Coast bass meats tribal world music.

It was really fun working with Orenda and Equanimous to produce the perfect sound for this Remix. I produced a few versions of this song and we landed on the perfect combination of sound that merges all elements of Akriza, Orenda, and Equanimous into a unique style.” – Akriza

The bass music scene is all about creative expression and collaboration, so when we see a standout release in the works we have to call it out. The latest two label co-release between Gravitas Recordings and High Vibe Records, “Mystick Descent (Akriza Remix)” is a mystical wondrous journey that bass music fans need to experience. While the track was originally crafted by Orenda over on Gravitas, this new remix from our favorite bass producer of 2021 Akriza is planned to exist as part of Equanimous’s new catalog over on High Vibe.  Whether it is the  ethereal plucks, foley and a captivating drum beat, or world-building atmospheric ambiance, this remix has something for any bass music fan the applauds elegant sound design and Akriza knows it. When so many hands are in the pot, you’d expect that one individual’s or label’s sound would take center stage. However, “Mystic Descent” not only captures the essence of every collaborator’s unique sound, but transcends beyond the confines of a one-off track and can be an endless loop that is available at your leisure to turn on and drift off. 

Make sure you check out “Mystic Descent (Akriza Remix)” on Spotify below!

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