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Rapper James The Prophet Drops 10 Track Socially Conscious Album “Unimaginable Storms”

Rap and hip-hop are absolutely insanely large markets for music, but it takes an intriguing artist from those spaces to get us to dip our toe in the water. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out Unimaginable Storms, the latest from James The Prophet. Originally starting out in the scene back in 2018, James grew in the hip hop scene and was a boy looking for an audience to listen to his verses. James evolved into James The Prophet after dropping his first mixtape Summer Archives for Rupture, determined to break the status quo as we know it. The mixtape may not have fully completed James’s evolution, but it definitely forced his name into the hip-hop world and started circulating among the playmakers. Fun fact, James actually holds triple citizenship, providing him a different outlook than the rest of us single citizen peons. James was even contacted by the French Embassy to record a performance and conversation with the platinum rapper Bun B, which aired on June 21 for Fête de la musique, France’s World Music Day!

It’s important to be real. My sensitivity is my strength. When I started rapping it was really about my emotions. It was so much easier to express myself in verse – like therapy, I guess. We should teach men to be more open and less about toxic masculinity.

“‘Unimaginable Storms’ represents the idea you could be six feet away from someone and have no idea what they’re going through. I thought the idea was something anyone can relate to – not knowing what the person opposite you is thinking or feeling,” – – James The Prophet

Rap and hip-hop have always served as vehicles for artists to speak their minds and provide commentary on the world around them. James The Prophet has built social consciousness into his identity and the events of the last few years have definitely given him plenty of material to work with. Unimaginable Storms is the result of James’s commentary, as well as a more autobiographical look into his own personal journey. What makes this album special for us is that it achieves a unique standing for us, being one of only 20 or so albums that we can consistently listen through without skipping a single track. While every single track is a fantastic look into the mind of James The Prophet and are banger singles, our favorite track has to be “G.O.P.”. A protest song against the more absurd points of Trumpism, James taps French platinum artist Kalash Criminal to add his own take (which is absolutely killer). Honestly though, you need to experience Unimaginable Storms like yesterday, because James The Prophet should be a household name.

Make sure you check out Unimaginable Storms on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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