Rising Star Elle Winter Drops Sassy & Bouncy Anti Bubblegum Pop Single “Candy”

When you start in the Disney channel camp, who knows what kind of career path you are heading down. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Candy”, the latest drop from Elle Winter.  While still incredibly early on in her career, Elle has already racked up a serious amount of accolades under her belt. Elle snagged a spot in the cast of The Disney Channel & Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing, starred in Three Generations opposite Elle Fanning, and appeared in films like The After Party on Netflix! However, even though she has plenty of acting experience she quickly discovered that music is her true love and passion. No stranger to the spotlight, Elle digillently worked on “Candy” and a slew of singles over the last year that will later be collected as an EP by the end of the year.

“Candy is a playful, cheeky, yet empowering song about not tolerating sweet talking and game playing in any relationship. I want people to sing along, dance and have fun with this soulful, summer jam while being reminded that they deserve to be treated with respect and decency always.” – Elle Winter

There is some kind of level of understanding that occurs once you are accepted into the big mouse’s family, that you will try to shed that image as soon as you’re out. We can already tell that, like many before her, Elle is running down this path as quick as she can and changing her stars for the rest of 2021 and beyond. Changing direction from her earlier musical excursions, “Candy” is a sassy almost bubblegum-pop single that is pure fun with an attitude. Tongue-in-cheek in its lyrics, the track comes across as enjoyably entertaining but leaves room for a dose of female and personal empowerment. With a dedicated fan base and over 100k followers on Instagram, “Candy” is just the next step as Elle fully embraces herself as an artist and develops her own personal sound.

Make sure you check out “Candy” on YouTube below and on Spotify!

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Elle Winter

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