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Find Out the Truth Behind the Numbers With Shadient in Second Single "Numbers Station"

We are going to stay over here on the odd side of electronic music for a while, so feel free to join or see yourself out back into the norm. This time we are heading back over to Gud Vibrations for “Numbers Station”, the second single from Shadient’s upcoming Divide EP. While Shadient was created back in 2015, Shadient as made it a primary goal to continue pushing the boundaries that electronic music has set in place for him to break. Shadient has consistently looked forward into the future, which has garnered him plenty of support from Porter Robinson. Shadient has released quite a bit of music already, with most being over on Mat Zo’s Mad Zoo label.
Straight out of the gate, we can tell that Shadient took a different approach to widen his stylistic horizons with this track. An interesting complimentary departure from “Abberate“, “Numbers Station” almost appears to be inspired by chiptune and modern minimalist downtempo, until everything comes crashing down. The track splits itself into two distinct sections, the blissfully ignorant and the truth. In the first half, we are innocent to the hidden meaning of what our eyes are observing. Once the drop hits however, we aren’t exactly the same once we know what the numbers mean. If what media has taught us is true, the numbers in a “Numbers Station” are just coded to hide the bigger picture.
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Shadient (c) Isha Shah

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