Stunningly Beautiful instrumental 3 piece Caméra release “Matsutake” inspired by “My Neighbor Totoro”

We are multi-faceted creatures with a wide array of interests, so we have a unique share for today. On our initial visit to the world of instrumentals, we are checking out “Matustake” from CaméraFrancois Jalbert, Mélanie Bélair, and Aurélien Tomasi are three exceptionally talented musicians based in Montreal, each renowned for their versatility and innovation in the realm of music. Jalbert, a guitarist, composer, and producer, embraces a chameleon-like approach to music, effortlessly navigating through various genres including folk, jazz, rock, funk, and more. Leading the progressive folk band Little Misty, Jalbert continues to captivate audiences with his diverse musical palette and boundless creativity. Bélair, a violinist and composer, boasts a rich and diverse career spanning theatrical productions, recording sessions, and international tours. As a member of the instrumental project Flore Laurentienne, Bélair’s evocative violin melodies add depth and dimension to the ensemble’s sonic tapestry, solidifying her status as a respected figure in the Montreal music scene. Finally, Tomasi, a composer and performer specializing in wind instruments, combines classical training with contemporary innovation to create captivating musical experiences. From arranging for acclaimed artists to composing for boundary-pushing ensembles, Tomasi’s versatile contributions continue to shape the dynamic landscape of Quebec’s vibrant music scene, showcasing his unwavering dedication to artistic exploration and expression.

In the depths of Montreal’s wintry embrace, three musicians sought refuge from the frenzied pace of the city’s music industry. United by a shared longing for artistic freedom and exploration, they gathered in a cozy room, where they found inspiration in the simple pleasures of experimentation and collaboration. With instruments scattered about—a slide whistle, a Juno synthesizer, and guitar pedals—the trio embarked on a sonic journey, crafting a unique musical tapestry that would eventually become Caméra. Over the course of two years, they meticulously honed their sound, inviting friends to contribute and infusing their compositions with cinematic allure. The resulting album, characterized by its haunting melodies and evocative imagery, serves as a testament to their dedication to craftsmanship and creativity, offering listeners an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of genre and convention. With Caméra, the trio invites audiences to embark on a mesmerizing voyage through a world of sound and sensation, where beauty is found in the most unexpected places.

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