Rock Band Sunfields Releases 4th Album “Late Bloomers”, Introducing 2021 to the World of Acid Rock Music.

As more and more genres re-emerge in the 2021 indie scene, we are starting to see more talented artists coming out of the woodwork. On today’s dive into the indie world we are checking out “Just Like the Young”, the latest single from the indie rock group Sunfields. Formed back in 2009 as the brainchild of singer-songwriter Jason Kent, Sunfields is a talented rock quartet bringing acid rock to a new generation of indie-rock fans. While they have been performing together for more than a decade, three-quarters of the band have been performing together since they were teens. In their decade-plus long career so far Sunfields released four albums, with their most recent album Late Bloomers being recorded in isolation and dropped in full last week. The band booked numerous tours across Canada and throughout Europe, earning plenty of buzz from their album releases and their acid rock-inspired style. Their debut album Palace of the Sun was once claimed the”most overlooked album of 2010″.

Growing up in music from a young age, we remember our childhood filled to the brim with the sounds of The Doors, The Eagles, and Led Zeppelin. The sounds of 60s and acid rock served as our foundation for understanding music and that is why bands like Sunfields almost always grab our attention. While Late Bloomers deserves a dive in its itself, our introduction to the band in “Just Like the Young” will be the topic of today’s dive. Sunfields brings to the table a unique blend of singer-songwriter, acid rock, and psychedelic rock that we can’t help but appreciate. While their style may sound a bit confusing, imagine Elliot Smith hanging out with Tom Petty in the back of Neil Young’s van while listening to Sparklehorse. If this tickles your fancy, “Just Like The Young” is a perfect introduction to their acid pop style and Late Bloomers deserves a dive if you yearn for more.

Make sure you check out “Just Like the Young” on Soundcloud below and Late Bloomers over on Spotify!

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