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Gravitas Alert: Slynx and Woofax Join Forces For Ecclectic New Bass Music Single “Plugin the Speakers”

Now that we are fully in the swing of things with a nice sweet path in front of us, it’s time we revisited the world of bass. On our latest visit to Gravitas we are checking out “Plugin the Speakers”, the latest from Slynx and Woofax. Slynk’s music journey began in the underground scene of Brisbane, Australia, where he crafted his unique fusion of classic hip-hop and funky grooves. His international breakthrough came in 2009 at Shambhala’s Fractal Forest, setting the stage for his rise as a prominent figure in the global funk scene. With a dedication to experimentation and self-education, Slynk’s mash-up productions garnered praise from both fans and industry peers, leading to collaborations with respected labels like Westwood Recordings and Jalapeno Records. His infectious energy and captivating performances at Fractal Forest solidified his reputation as a leading force in the West Coast Funk movement.

Now based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Slynk continues to push the boundaries of his sound, serving as an ambassador of funk and spreading joy through his music. With each release, he invites listeners on a nostalgic journey through the sounds of the ’80s, blending timeless grooves with modern flair. Slynk’s unwavering passion and undeniable talent have earned him a dedicated following around the world, cementing his legacy as a pioneer of contemporary boogie and a driving force in the evolution of funk music.

“This track is a beautiful collaboration from 2 eclectic music enthusiasts, pulled from all facets to create something inspired.” – Woofax

The collaboration between Slynk and Woofax, set for release on February 9th via Gravitas Recordings, is a highly anticipated fusion of their funky and glitchy styles, resonating deeply within the Shambhala and funky glitch-hop scene. Both artists, renowned for their musical prowess, also serve as esteemed Ableton music production teachers, aligning with Gravitas Recordings’ ethos of education and creativity. Titled “Plugin The Speakers,” the track pays homage to the golden era of funky glitch-hop, intertwining irresistible bass guitar grooves with heavy glitch-hop drops and funky distorted guitar riffs. With its dynamic sampling and seamless blend of glitch-hop sounds and live funk elements, the collaboration promises to captivate listeners and reaffirm the artists’ status as leading figures in the genre.

Make sure you check out “Plugin The Speakers” on Spotify below!

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Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram,

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