Impressive Indie Artist La Felix Releases Funky Indie Pop Single “My Kinda Love” Ft. rynjae

With the rise of more calming and minimalist lo-fi styles gaining traction, other genres like funk & nu-disco can ride the wave. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “My Kinda Love”, the latest single from La Felix. Unlike many music listeners in his generation, Felix didn’t have readily available music on the internet and thus discovered music the old-fashioned way. Digging through any music crates he could find, Felix discovered his love for music from records ranging from the Jazz and Blues eras, to the Classical, Baroque, and Romantic periods. With such a wide variety of influences, Felix took the time to properly learn how to blend genres and create a sound that is uniquely his own. Felix’s debut single “Delicious” has surpassed over 4M streams across all platforms and lit the first torch in his impressive journey. Riding the wave of success since his debut, Felix’s follow-up singles have amassed over 20M online streams and cemented Felix’s position as a talented remixer!

“It’s a song about meeting that perfect girl. Spontaneous and unexpected love on a vacation, somewhere sunny with a nice beach.” – La Felix

Alright, alright…if you have been following Modern Neon for any amount of time now, you know that we are suckers for an artist who is bringing older classic sounds back from the past in a new way. Just one look at Felix’s music influences you could tell you were in for music that had a retro twist. “My Kinda Love” might be a simplistic song in meaning, exploring that moment of spontaneity when you meet the perfect girl, but an indie-pop gem like this doesn’t need deeper meaning. A breezy loungy single, “My Kinda Love” oozes chill and positive vibes while making us want to sit out on our porch and just watch the sunsets. While Felix’s production sets the easy-breezy mood, rynjae provides his silky vocals to serve as the cherry on top of this silky parfait of a single.

Make sure you check out “My Kinda Love” on Spotify below and over on Apple Music!

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