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Not Enough BPMS! Gommi Releases the 175 BPM Monster “Louder”

When we exist in the hardcore realm, we normally like to jump back to our house music safety net after not too long. However, Gommi keeps us sticking around, especially as we trip on over to Heavyweight Records for his latest track “Louder”. Not much is known about Gommi, as he has already begun creating an elusive persona among the electronic community. With Gommi originally being a nickname from his grandmother, Gommi has been tirelessly crafting his heavily-crafted rapid-fire style. While Gommi has already been receiving praise for his remixes, with “Psychosis” now released he has plenty of material for an interesting 2019. We’re waiting, Gommi.

While “Psychosis” may have messed with our minds, “Louder” is here to help us recover and get our blood pumping. Influenced by the hardstyle and psytrance genres, “Louder” hits hard and fast, overwhelming your senses as soon as possible. The track is definitely not for the faint of hard, as at its peak Gommi pushes the limit to 175 BPM! The track’s vocals work themselves into a frenzy, while the synth work puts off a menacing tone and the bass stabs us until we submit. If we can interpret anything from these two tracks, it’s that Gommi is going to get harder and harder by the end of the year.

Make sure you check out “Louder” on Spotify below!

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