Felix Cartal Recruits KROY For “Expensive Sounds For Nice People”, Breezy Feel Good Single “Too Late”

We haven’t been this excited for an album drop in a long time and it is almost here! On our latest visit over to Physical Presents we are checking out “Too Late”, the latest single from Felix Cartal and KROY. Felix has been busy, with multiple standalone productions with other producers including successful producer Kaskade. Felix will also be touring internationally so everyone will be able to see it sometime soon. Due to his most recent success, Felix has even garnered over 45 million streams over on his Spotify! Felix Cartal has been a consistent staple in the Modern Neon cycle, winning us over with his previous hits “Over It” and “Love Me“. Clearly, Felix, you are doing something right and we want to keep seeing Felix Cartal find success and grow as an artist.

Too Late‘ was crafted in a last-minute session in Oslo, at a setup in my Airbnb with Iselin Solheim. That’s it, no studio. I remember Iselin saying, let’s just make something we’d both love listening to. It felt grounding, and I think that opened us up to making something really authentic. I’ve been a fan of Kroy for a while, and I love collaborating with artists who aren’t traditionally from the same scene as me, and having her sing it took the track in a beautiful direction that I really love. Once I built out the production, I knew it would be the final song on my album. It feels like a conclusion to me, like a final act.” – Felix Cartal

Felix and I had been trying to work together for a few years now, and actually got into the studio a while ago, but nothing came out of it. I was so happy he thought of me for his record. The fact that this entire song was done remotely gives me hope in long-distance collaborations. That said, I cannot wait to be in the same room as Felix and celebrate our song together!” – KROY

Even though we are beyond thrilled when a producer branches out to explore new avenues, they still need to go back to their roots once in a while. The latest single off of his upcoming Expensive Sounds For Nice People album,  “Too Late” is Cartal’s trip back to his original feel good style. A perfect addition to the Cartal catalog, “Too Late” is a light and breezy electropop banger that easily has the makings to be a airy song of the summer. Cartal uses the track as an engine to explore the concept of untying relationship concerns, all with a feel good beat and a little dallop of KROY magic. KROY’s vocal performance magically syncs up with Cartal’s production, giving the listener a beautiful voice to be entranced by. If you need more Felix Cartal like we do, make sure you check out Expensive Sounds For Nice People when it drops in full on June 25th!

Make sure you check out “Too Late” on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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