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ALERT: TONSPIEL Releases Three-Part Remix Package to FAUL & WAD vs. Avalanche City’s “I Need You”

Alright Tonspiel, we didn’t expect you to come back to us this quickly. Here to keep your good vibes following (even on a Sunday) we have a new remix package from Faul & Wad for their new track “I Need You”. Accompanying them on this package is also Avalanche City, founded by indie-musician Dave Baxter in New Zealand. The French duo has been making waves, small and massive, since their first release “Changes” back in 2013. This collaboration of talent created the romantic electro-pop ballad “I Need You”, but no one could anticipate the reception. Earning almost 2 million plays on Spotify, the artists involved just had to release a remix package. It may be hard to remix a fantastic song, but some of these artists accomplished just that.

The German imprint Tonspiel decided to allow us the grace in their prescence for a small spell with this remix package. Featuring not just 1 but three different renditions of the original track, the package starts off with our first remix from David Puentez & MTS. These two take the track in a more digital sounding direction, priming it to be the next festival anthem. Next we have Matty Menck and Basti M’s version, who strip away plenty of the vocal work to focus on the driving bassline. Rounding out the package we have KLYMVX, who focuses on the funk elements to create a remix that thrives in the realm of futuresque house music.

Be sure to listen to the “I Need You” remix package here:

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Credit: Sylvia Borel

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