QUIX Joins Forces with Grammy-nominated SOFI for Spoken-Word Dark House Single “DROP ‘EM.” Out Now on Dim Mak Records

A track described as a “spoken word house track”? Alright, you have our attention. On our latest visit to Dim Mak We are checking out “DROP ‘EM”, the latest trop from QUIX and SOFI. Originating from New Zealand, QUIX broke through the American scene after an international tour that was 10 dates turned into 42. QUIX was incredibly busy throughout 2018-19, headlining multiple major tours and a breakout Illusions EP through the Dim Mak label. Since then, QUIX’s Illusions EP has racked up millions of streams online and introduced QUIX’s signature take on drum’n’bass to electronic music fans everywhere. He even received plenty of support from Spotify and snagged features on the covers of their playlists “Mint” and “DanWce Rising,” and officially remixed the likes of Steve AokiGASHIRL Grime, and more

To be making a song with SOFI is a lifelong dream coming true. Before I even could produce music, I listened to her on ‘4×4=12‘ and especially resonated with her song “One Trick Pony.” The aggressive powerful rap style vocal was so inspiring and to be here making a song with her now is a big full circle moment. Years ago, I originally had this beat made as a fun remix for a friend, but after some time, I felt that I really had to show the world this song as an original record and so I sought out looking for a top-line. House music isn’t necessarily my go-to genre to produce, but I feel as though this is the best representation of my take on house, and I’m so happy to have worked with SOFI and not only credit to her performance on the record, but an amazing person to have collaborated with.” – QUIX

DROP ‘EM‘ is kinda my love letter to electronic music and its scene. The sense of defiance and, at the same time, full submission. Lyrically I like to play with double meanings, blurring the lines between being literal and metaphorical and leaving things up for interpretation. As soon as I heard QUIX‘s first draft, I felt like I wanted to create something that would be fun for me to perform live and that I would also feel hyped to bop to if I heard it being played out. There’s a call-and-response element to it that feels unanimous. Like when you and your friend finish each other’s sentences.” – SOFI

QUIX and SOFI are two peculiar artists for us, we often catch them in collaborations with other producers, just never actually together. Regardless,this dark spoken-word house track deserves a spot on your weekend banger playlists for too many reasons just to list here. SOFI is a solid all-rounder of an entertainer and her sultry spoken-word performance is the perfect complimentary side dish to QUIX’s house production. Blending danceable melodies with hard-hitting basslines, QUIX pulls absolutely no punches as he lets his stabbing bass lead the listener out onto the dancefloor. This QUIX x SOFI combination is not one that we thought we needed, but ends up being one of our most addictive collabs of the year so far.

Make Sure you check out “DROP ‘EM” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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