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Dubstep Maestros Gammer & Pixel Terror Join Forces For Hardstyle Psytrance Banger “Step Back”

While we joke that we exist on the chill side of EDM too often, diving back into the heavier side with today’s track might be a bit much. On our latest visit over to Dim Mak we are checking out “Step Back”, the latest single from Gammer and Pixel Terror. Making a major name for himself in the UK hard circuit, Gammer has been a major player in the scene for many years now. Becoming a household name after joining Monstercat in 2017, Gammer’s music has been a driving force for the continued interest in the trap and hardstyle genres over the last few years. Gammer is known for his party anthems including “The Drop” or “Party Don’t Stop” and collabs, such as “Quit” with Hudson Mohawke, “Incoming” with Steve Aoki. Pixel Terror has become known for his own twist on the dubstep style, including hits such as “Contra,” “Enigma,” “Amnesia,” and more.

Step Back‘ is my first new original track in a while. It’s a song I’m really proud of and feel like expresses the energy we both try to create. Anyways, we spent ages on a cool dubstep drop, but everyone plays the half-baked psytrance drop instead. So 10/10. Fully recommend!” – Gammer

Took a lot of time back and forth with Gammer to create a festival banger that will suit the needs of nearly any electronic aficionado. From the huge chanty chords to the glitchy dubstep to the double-time hard-psy, we are really thrilled that this displays so much of both of our styles in such a dangerously cohesive way. We hope this will be a summer anthem, and from the support it has already received, we believe it might!” – Pixel Terror

When you have two major players in an aggressive genre like this one, they can either combine their styles or go directly head to head. Striking the perfect midpoint between hardstyle, dubstep, and psytrance, “Step Back” is an awesome hybrid single for those obsessed with all three genres. Gammer Pixel Terror set the stage early with a glitchy hardstyle intro that aggressively builds until it can no longer be contained, exploding into a banger of a dubstep drop. “Step Back” is a fantastic high-energy festival banger, as the amalgamation transforms and moves through different stages and genres in just three minutes. We’ve already had it on repeat for the last few hours in our office, and even the non-bass heads are vibing with it…”Step Back” is just that good.

Make sure you check out “Step Back” on YouTube below and on Spotify!

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