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We Are Getting “Hot” Again For Full Crate’s New Music Video!

We at MiR always like it when we have an odd collaboration that emits solid gold. This mid-work week we have “Hot”, the latest collaboration between Full Crate, duo The Partysquad, and Nick & Navi. Both known for their production diversity, The Partysquad and Full Crate have been absolutely killing it throughout 2017. The Partysquad has been smashing with hits like “Original Don” and “Double Bubble” with superstars Major Lazer and M.I.A. respectively. On the flip side, Full Crate has been expanding his production catalog with everything from soul to deep house tracks.

Unlike what have we heard recently, “Hot” is quite unique in its distinct influences. The track is pure gold, even though it is all across the map. “Hot” has a prominent jungle beat with a Jamaican dancehall vibe, but manages to also be soulful and sultry do to duo Nick & Navi’s premiere vocal work. Fun fact, “Hot” was originally created as a dance floor busting instrumental known as “Big Booty Problem”. Eager to elevate the track, Full Crate tapped fellow Amsterdamers The Partysquad to transform the track entirely.

UPDATE: Now, nearly a full month after the track’s release, we finally have a music video for “Hot”. Shot by Full Crate herself, most of the filming and principal photography was completed in Curacao. The video, while simple in production terms, showcases a unique style and blends quite well with the original artist’s track. It better, since she directed it and made final creative decisions.

Be sure to check out the official music video here:

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