Liquid Bloom & Porangui Drop New Desert Spiritual “Peyote Canyon” Journey

While you may be complete with one project, you won’t grow as an artist until you explore a rather different avenue. Today we are checking out “Peyote Canyon”, a brand new single and remix package from the talented Liquid Bloom and Porangui. With a storied career spanning over the course of the last twenty years, Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers has had plenty of time to steer this ship in a unique direction. At home in a small sound stage, a yoga studio, or on the international stage, there is no place in the world where you can’t join in on the Liquid Bloom experience. While Amani can lead the experience with ease during a solo set, combined with Porangui the two expertly weave the organic and electronic together into one unique strand. While the collective may be helmed by Amani, Liquid Bloom’s collective of allies spans the globe in talent and variety.

It could be that we just haven’t been looking in the right pools, but it feels like forever since we’ve heard something as cinematic and unique as “Peyote Canyon”.A modern electronic take on the bustling and expansive elegance of the western borderlands, Liquid Bloom and Porangui use deep house and ambient tones to paint a surreal picture of the scene as it lays before us. “Peyote Canyon” bleeds the romance and mystery of the old West, all while utilizing a modern style that only Liquid Bloom could provide. If you choose to join in on this journey with them, you can also experience other variations from producers like Uone, Wolf Tech, Ekorce, Ancestral Elephants, and Tylepathy. Whether you prefer this organic original or need a few more doses of deep tech, psychedelic, downtempo, or ambient, this remix package as plenty to offer.

Make sure you check out the “Peyote Canyon” remix package on Spotify below!

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