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Montreal Musician Micky Aaron Debuts With New Heartfelt Single “One Last Song”

While a musician can always grow as a creative when in a group, they won’t find themselves until they break away and strike out on their own. This time we are checking out “One Last Song”, the official debut of songwriter and keyboardist Mickey Aaron. Growing up in the greater Toronto area, Mickey Aaron dipped his toes into the indie pool during his high school years via his funk rock band LOAF. Finding initial success with LOAF, Mickey Aaron began to be known as a staple in the growing rock indie scene. Mickey wasn’t just a vocalist and keyboardist for LOAF, as he even wrote and self-produces many different releases under the band’s name.

“I really feel this song perfectly embodies my feelings over the past year. When Max sent me his bass tracks and I started to piece together this song, I knew immediately that this was the song I have been needing to write for a long time.” Mickey Aaron

Finally taking a break from the pack in order to walk down yet another path, Mickey wanted to make his splash in a meaningful well. With the help of roommate and fellow musician Maximilian Badea-Hasasian, Mickey took the time to leave his feelings on the stage for everyone to hear. “One Last Song” derives from one of Mickey’s previous complicated relationships, allowing Mickey to release his raw emotions in the most comfortable way he knows how. While Max’s fragile bass line is the most prominently featured instrumental featured on the track, Mickey’s vocal performance blends seamlessly to craft an overall acoustic sound. We can easily put this on in the background and just let its vibes flow throughout the office.

Make sure you check out “One Last Song” on Soundcloud below!

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