Electronic Dream-Pop Duo Mear Drop Dreamy New Single “Perfect Mess”

No matter anyway you spin it, creating music is a collaborative effort. Sure, you can be a rockstar at every step in the process, but all an all it takes a team to make all of the pieces fall into place. This week we were cleaning out our DMs and found “Perfect Mess”, a brand new single known as Mear. Comprised of musicians Frances Miller and Greg Harrison, Mear is what happens when pop music clashes with the experimental. Originally formed back in 2018 by Miller herself, Mear had already released the debut EP Flood before connecting with Harrison. An electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist in his own right, Harrison and Miller joined forces to elevate Mear past its original potential. Over the last two years, both Miller and Harrison have continued to work and produce Mear’s first debut album, out soon.

If there is anything immediately clear after checking out this single it is that both Miller and Harrison come from rather distinctly different sides of the music world. “Perfect Mess” actually chronicles this pretty closely, as the song feels separated into three separate arcs. The first third focuses heavily on Miller’s pop background, giving us a taste of her dream-pop essence that is creeping back into the mainstream. Electronic beats quickly engulf that dream-pop sound, allowing Harrison’s experimental yet uplifting and progressive melody to move onto the center stage. As “Perfect Mess” closes, both styles combine together into one seamlessly beautiful sound that will capture your hearts. If this is just a taste of their upcoming album, you’ve got our attention Mear. 

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