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It Isn’t What It Seems, Mystic Natives & Kalipzo Release "Doppelganger"

Time to step away from the progressive for just a few minutes and meander over into the world of jazz. Closing out the weekend we have “Doppelganger”, the latest from rising Mexican producer Victor Duque, better know as Mystic Natives. Duque is in the process of crafting a rather unique career in the modern electronic world, as it is rather difficult to put his style in a box. As a result, Duque has gained an interesting reputation as the producer to watch as he falls in line with modern trends but also stands out from the crowd. While he has already had a rather short career, Duque has already gained plenty of support from Dirty Audio and Deorro. Kalipzo is also making plenty of waves, making a name for herself rather quickly in the modern bass music scene. She has already garnered an impressive 100+ show resume and has opened for heavy hitters such as Feed Me and Wolfgang Gartner.
Someone is starting to know us a tad too well. We at MiR fell in love with fusion genres a long time ago, so “Doppelganger” immediately caught our eye. Mystic has snagged quite a bit of our attention when he went experimental with this latest track, as it is rather rare that we see jazz incorporated into electronic music very well, and that is normally on the house/progressive side of the spectrum. Mystic and Kalipzo completely surprise us by taking modern bass music and incorporating just a touch of jazz melody to craft something addictively experimental.
Make sure you check out “Doppelganger” on Spotify below!

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