Gian Varela Sheds Light on “The Other” Latin Culture on His Debut EP “L.O.C.” Out Now on Mixmash Records

Music’s adaptability as a medium is truly a marvel to behold. On our latest visit over to Mixmash Records we are checking out L.O.C., the latest drop from Gian Varela. An internationally-acclaimed producer hailing from Panama, Gian Varela proudly represents his Panama heritage even if he was molded by the US. Being directly in the birthplace of reggaeton in Panama, Gian Varela was able to create his own unique sound thanks to the culture clash of his two loves. Gian has made quite a name for himself on the Latin and dance circuits, including viral collaborations with SechFeid, & El Chombo as well as releases on Spinnin’ RecordsArmada MusicMixmash Records, and Revealed Recordings. Gaining the chance to tour across America early on in his career, Gian was able to generate an energetic live persona and embrace it while showcasing his skills for audiences all across South America.

L.O.C.” = “La Otra Cultura,” which means “the other culture” in Spanish. In Latin America, there is the “Para La Cultura” phrase, meaning “for the culture.” We use it a lot when we want to celebrate achievements that push the Latin culture forward. However, there is a whole culture of Latinos who do not fit that stereotype. For me, it’s about diversity and being different while always respecting my roots. My mother was a radio host, so I grew up with world music, from classic rock to Spanish rap, until I discovered dance music and its culture, which I fell in love with. There are many like me who connected with this “other culture” (dance music) instead of listening to, e.g., reggaeton, which was born in Latin America and was considered a purely Latin thing. To summarize, the EP is about “La Otra Cultura,” fighting stereotypes, and about Latinos who love their heritage and their roots but draw their inspiration from what happens outside of Latin culture. I want to push this more into the world through my music, and this EP, which consists of 6 tracks ranging from afro house to the strong side of tech house, perfectly represents my sound spectrum when I play and produce. Having Mixmash Records‘ support and their approval of this idea and my sound means so much to me.” – Gian Varela

Dance music has a rich history of countercultural roots, and Gian Varela is a Latin producer who understands this deeply. His latest EP, “L.O.C.,” or “the other culture,” is a testament to his passion for electronic music and his desire to fuse traditional Latin culture with his favorite genre. With six tracks that showcase his fresh and modern take on rhythmic melodies, driving basslines, and sultry lyrics, Varela invites everyone to the dancefloor. The “L.O.C.” EP is a celebration of the road less taken, and Varela is determined to break genre barriers with each release. His already fan-favorite track, “Ponme Loco,” featuring Laidback Luke and Melfi, blends traditional Latin music with driving basslines, resulting in a track that will get people moving. “Party Sexo Alcohol” combines sultry lyrics with house beats, creating a dancefloor anthem that will make people lose themselves in the music. As an up-and-coming producer, Gian Varela is making a name for himself in the electronic music scene. With “L.O.C.,” he continues to showcase his talents as a producer and his love for traditional Latin culture. He proves that dance music is not just a genre, but a culture that welcomes all who want to lose themselves in the music.

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