Alt-Pop Singer Ravive Showcases Experimental Alt Sound In Sophomore Single “Social Shit”

As the world of indie-pop continues to expand in today’s modern scene, more and more artists are finding their niche to make their own music. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Social Shit”, the latest single from Ravive. Originally finding her foothold in the alternative music world as a lead singer of an alt rock band, after many years she has broken free and stepped out on her own, writing her new story as Ravive. An embodiment of Diet Dr. Pepper and plenty of therapy, Ravive burst onto the scene with her debut single “Sahara”…reintroducing the alternative music scene to her new sonic sound. While her new career as Ravive is still in its infancy, she is ready to keep the momentum rolling from her debut with her sophomore single “Social Shit”

Every feed you see is carefully curated. Photos are selected mindfully. Edits are made cautiously. Words are typed out with either no hesitation, or excess hesitation. The feeds that you see across all social platforms are put together with one specific goal in mind – for people to see what you want them to see. Online personas are often not fully and truly reflective of who that user is in real time. There are online personas, and realism. Many people tend to create assumptions about who another person is with a simple click and scroll. But the judgmental nature of that behavior is dangerous. Who a human is, and specifically how they act offline, in the flesh, is where true analyses of character should be built – not through specifically curated feeds. “Social Shit” digs into that, and the ethics of social media curation.  – Ravive

When it comes to the world of alternative music, there are no boundaries to what style of muisc you have to create to fit in with those cool kids. Due to this understanding, artists like Ravive have found their way to combine experimental beats with minimal electro pop elements and found a base ready to listen. While the framework of “Social Shit” is on the more simplistic side, Ravive pushes her sorrowful, anti-Internet mood and ghostly pop production to the forefront. Through the lens that is “Social Shit”, Ravive explores the concept of us as a society amending our flaws on a surface level just to build an audience on social media, agressively letting her viewpoint heard. With how straightforward with its message and unique the track is in its sound, we are eager to see how Ravive moves forward from here.

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