Modern Jersey Punk Rockers The 65’s Drop New Music Video and EP W/ “Broken Nose, Busted Knee”

We may officially be past the prime ago of punk rock, but the genre is on a quiet resurgence. Definitely slacking off and fighting they system at our office a friendly link dropped in our inbox for “Broken Nose, Busted Knee” by The 65’s. Founded in New Jersey back in 2009, this quartet utilized the built-up anxieties of the concrete jungle around them to channel their inner punk rock personas. Quite an intense mix of both modern punk and powerpop, The 65’s dropped their debut “Strike Hard!” and gained plenty of success with their political charge behind them. While this charge made The 65’s stand out in the Haboken melting pot, alliances with other local acts had to be made.

When you are a driven and hard-working independent band, you can easily burn out in the drive to reach your end goal. However, The 65′have been incredibly busy dropping more and more EPs and performing plenty of shows, boosting their presence in the modern scene.  Their latest drop, the 3 track Never Say Never, has already been gaining the band some buzz. Along with the EP The 65’s dropped a brand new music video for the middle track of the album, “Broken Nose, Busted Knee”. The music video doesn’t deal with the intricacies of any overarching narrative or any excessive stylistic approach, serving as a great example of an independent music video. Make sure you check out the Never Say Never EP available on SoundCloud.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Broken Nose, Busted Knee” on YouTube and on Soundcloud!

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