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MOD SUN Shows His “Battle Scars” on Pop Punk Anthem, Peeling Back the Layers

Alright, let’s push all of this EDM gunk to the side for the day and replace it with a bit more pop-punk. On our latest dive in the pop-punk world we are checking out “Battle Scars”, the latest drop from MOD SUN. With a career spanning more than 10 years,  MOD SUN has been incredibly busy being a major force for the pop-punk resurgence in alternative and mainstream music. With over 100 songs across 4 albums, 6 mixtapes, and 3 EPs, MOD SUN has constantly been an overflowing source of pop-punk and other rock music in a world where appreciation for the genre was waning. From starting out as a drummer in the early-2000s for Four Letter Lie and Scary Kids Scaring Kids to being globally recognized as a solo pop-punk rockstar, MOD SUN’s decision to step out from behind the kit could be considered the best decision he ever made. After coming off a slew of sold-out shows in the UK, MOD SUN actually headlined the first-ever Atlantis Concert for Earth, a music festival and global conservation summit on July 22-23, 2022. On top of everything, back in May he even released his stoner comedy Good Mourning with frequent cohort Machine Gun Kelly!

“I was dealing with addiction for a decade. I was in relationships that I knew were destroying who I really was. I went to war with myself and came out on top. I’m so proud of where I am today and this song really helped me get there.” – MOD SUN

As the world of pop-punk stretches out its legs and grabs ahold of its second wind, artists like MOD SUN are hopping on for the ride and making sure the genre stays in the average listener’s rotation. The latest single off of his upcoming introspective album, “Battle Scars” is one of the most soul-bearing singles MOD SUN has written throughout his career. The track explores concepts such as addiction and breaking out of self-destructive cycles and behavior, with MOD SUN opening up about previously damaging relationships while he suffered from addiction.  “Battle Scars” is a balancing act between punk rock and emotional yet hopeful indie pop, striking just the right formula to let the emotions flow and still make an addictively catchy and relatable single. Our eyes are leaking, just ignore them.

Make sure you check out “Battle Scars” on Spotify below and over on your favorite streaming platform!

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