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Luca Lush v Lil’ Texas: Who will Win With A "Sucker Punch"

Alright, enough of the euphoric beats that we know and love, we need to bring the chaos. On our latest trip over to Heavyweight Records we have “Sucker Punch”, a duel of bass heads between Luca Lush and Lil Texas.  Carnage’s Heavyweight Records continue to bring us the heaviest hardcore tracks in today’s industry, so as they grow we will continue to hear more variation. Lil Texas has already been killing it on Heavyweight while Luca Lush is freshly joining the fray. Lush has been busy pushing his movement on Mad Decent, Monstercat, and Dim Mak, but we are glad to see Lush is finally working with a label with the hardcore lifestyle in mind.

When it comes to two hardcore producers dueling it out, we would expect nothing else than multiple sucker punches. Each producer brings their own arsenal of hard beats, video game sounds, and intense percussion that taunts their opponent into slipping up. This chaotic mess is definitely not for the faint of heart, unless you want your heart to be exploded by the sheer insanity that is “Sucker Punch”. Using the hardest electronic beats at their disposal, Luca Lush and Lil Texas do not hold back and assault each one of the senses. We do have to admit we laughed too hard at the Celebrity Deathmatch-inspired music video, way too hard in fact.

Make sure you check out “Sucker Punch” on Spotify and the music video on YouTube below!


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