Cube: Plenty of Fear and Paranoia

Hello everybody! For our movie club this week, we have yet another psychological horror! The iconic Cube.



DIRECTED: Vincenzo Natali

STARRING: Nicole de Boer, Nicky Guadagni, David Hewlett, Andrew Miller, Julian Richings, Wayne Robson, Maurice Dean Wint

GENRE: Science Fiction, Psychological Thriller

YEAR: 1997


Six different people, each from a very different walk of life, awaken to find themselves inside a giant cube with hwt3syxct00cvivpkm82thousands of possible rooms. Each has a skill that becomes clear when they must band together to get out: a cop, a math whiz, a building designer, a doctor, an escape master, and a disabled man. Each plays a part in their thrilling quest to find answers as to why they’ve been imprisoned.

Now what did I like about Cube. For being such a low budget film, I was surprised how well done of a job Vincenzo Natali did. The story is rather interesting, as you don’t often mix sci-fi, horror, and mystery all together. At least it kept me entertained throughout the entire movie. The visuals and special effects were not half bad either, as I thoroughly enjoyed just looking at the general set design. For how dumb Cube appears to be, underneath all of the layers is a relatively smart film.

cube3To be honest, I almost wasn’t going to watch Cube for our movie club. It is a film series that I am not really into, unfortunately. While I know it is low budget, for the most part it nails it on the head pretty well, except for the acting. Not necessarily the actors themselves, but the characters they portray are absolutely horrendous.  This is only made worse when the actors completely overact their roles. They could also have used a different motif for the characters decent into madness, instead of just crazy eyes. We might continue watching the Cube series in the future, if there is enough demand for me to continue.


  • Genre mixes.
  • Interesting story.
  • Set design/special effects.
  • Smart film under all the layers.


  • Not my cup of tea.
  • Overacting.
  • Easily dis-likable characters.
  • Overused motif.

SCORE: 6.5/10

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2 thoughts on “Cube: Plenty of Fear and Paranoia

  • It was much better than I thought it was going to be. I figured “Hey, lets watch bad horror movies” yet Cube surprised me.


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