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From Sskwan to Wakaan, Talented Producer Mize Releases Hard-Hitting Bass Music EP “Late Apex”

You may have entered the sister family first, but now you’ve reached the core of the tree. On our latest visit over to Wakaan we are checking out Late Apex, the newest EP from Mize. Growing up in the deep south of Alabama, Mize creator Ian Evans has fully immersed in the world of music thanks to music-loving parents. Originally learning about music through classic rock and blues, in his teenage years he became obsessed with 2003 hip-hop and trap music. His love for electronic music may have stemmed from his love of video games, but wouldn’t start producing on the stage name “lanqt” until 2012. Evans finally adopted Mize in 2017 to honor his late grandmother as well as showcase his focus on Ableton.

“A ‘Late Apex’ is a term for an often faster line in a corner that provides you with better exit speeds at the risk of later braking and turn-in. A Late Apex requires a lot more precision, control, and finesse but can mean the difference between a trophy and a medal. I’m so inspired by those who compete and create at the absolute cutting edge as I notice often those with that internal drive often occupy the winner’s circle. Small precise changes can add up to big results.” – Mize

He might have caught out attention when he was thriving over on SSKWAN, but now he’s moved from one cozy label to another. Now joining the ranks of Wakaan, Mize brings another brand new EP to the table thus cementing himself as a mainstay artist in this organization. Consisting of six individual tracks, Late Apex serves as a showcase of not only Mize’s signature style but also Mize’s experiments at pulling beats form early dubstep styles. Toeing the line between hard-hitting bass, wubbly dubs, and atmospheric bass, Late Apex is an intriguing amalgamation of Mize’s work so far.

Is Late Apex the best addition to Mize’s catalog so far? Let us know in the comments!

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