Protocol Upcoming Artists David Pietras & Sentinel Drop “Light”, Classic Progressive With Modern Melodies

While veterans can offer solid hit after hit, the fresh artists are the ones to look at for the future. We start off our adventure with our weekly stop off at Protocol Recordings, this time for “Light” a brand new single from David Pietras and Sentinel. An upcoming artist having just recently joined the Protocol roster, Pietras is already setting the stage for an amazing career in the world of progressive house. Pietras has already released a number of tracks, such as a remix for Steve Angelo’s “Nothing Scares Me Anymore”. While “Light” is Pietras’s third release on Protocol, he has also released tracks on Axtone, Release Records, and Star Traxx. Now that we have a steady idea of Pietra’s style from “Remedy” and “To Live“, we can’t wait to see how Pietras takes ahold of the Protocol label.

Since the label’s inception, Protocol Recordings has led the charge under the guise of the progressive house genre. While the label continues to dabble within other sub-genres as they add more talent, a few newer artists like David Pietras and Sentinel continue to show the label’s progressive house prowess. Pietras & Sentinel’s combined styles create a modern progressive house gem with an addictive instrumental intro. While the saucy intro draws you in, “Light” takes form as a vocal anthem and hooks you with singer/songwriter Moses York’s melodic performance. While not as euphoric as Pietras’s and Sentinel’s previous releases, we guarantee that “Light” will quickly sneak into your electric playlist.

Make sure you check out “Light” on Spotify below and on YouTube!

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