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Summer Comes to a Close, Corey James & David Pietras Release "To Live"

Living is full of many moments and emotions, yet there are many people on this Earth that are afraid to full do so. Helping close out our holiday weekend we have “To Live”, the latest from Corey James and David Pietras over on Protocol. James has already released one remix of “Only For Your Love” in 2018, so it’s time to ride the wave! Based in the United Kingdom, James is kicking off festival season with this track being his sixth release with the Romero label. James has made quite a bit of a name for himself lately, no doubt helped by the success of his releases and his multiple remixes/bootlegs.
Now that we are reaching the lulls of fall, we need the perfect end-of-summer anthem, and James steps up to deliver. “To Live” utilizes its deep and luscious soundscape, carefully crafted by James and Pietras, to explore the human weakness to not live their life to its full potential. Despite the track’s nature, it feels full of raw emotion and strives to uplift the listener’s soul. Using fantastic vocal work from artist Bryant Powell, James and Pietras are able to create a perfect nostalgic track to end the summer.
Make sure you check out “To Live” on Spotify below!

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