Newcomer Madisyn Gifford Releases New Emotional Track Exploring Love in “Shapes and Shadow”

The more we look to our neighbors in the Great White North, the more their indie music market intrigues us. On our latest dive we are checking out “Shapes and Shadows”, the newest single from artist Madisyn Gifford. She may have just broke onto the Vancouver indie scene last fall, she is quickly finding her home. Being adept at singing basically since she could talk, Madisyn has been on the path to embrace the life of a musician since she was able to fathom the concept. Now at a mere twenty years old, Madisyn has plenty to tell listeners, along with the skills to back it up. Releasing her debut single “Without You” back in late 2020, she has already amassed almost 200k online streams. This time working alongside acclaimed producer Colin Janz, “Voulez-Vous” is just the first step in a collection of single prepared for 2021.

Shapes and Shadows is a song about realizing how much you love the person you are with but simultaneously realizing how much that gives them the potential to hurt you. It’s about facing the fears and hardships that often come along with love and continuing to fight for that person/relationship despite them. It also acknowledges the fact that the relationship is not perfect in any way but that is also what makes it feel so special. I wrote it on a napkin while on break at the coffee shop I worked in when I was 18 and rushed home to my guitar after my shift so that I could put it to music and it is such a special one for me. I’m so glad to have been able to work with Colin Janz on this song as well because it’s his work that truly brought the whole thing to life!” – Madisyn

As new artists continue to break past the gatekeepers and take their turn in the spotlight, more unique voices are taking center stage and letting themselves be heard. While we were introduced to Madisyn’s sound with her sophomore single “Voulez-Vous“, it has been an interesting ride as we watch her grow and find her sound as an artist. Her follow-up single “Shapes and Shadows” continues to showcase this evolution, as she adds a deeper layer of emotions in her lyrics. The track explores the rush of feelings received when you realize you love someone, but fear that the more you open up the greater of a chance that they will break your trust and hurt you. Madisyn combines her deep lyrical understanding with strong piano instrumentals to create an alluring single that is a solid notch in her catalog. Madiysn may still be fresh to the scene, but she is quickly making her mark on the indie music world.

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