Toronto Psych-Rockers Lammping Tease New EP With New Spacey Single “Everlasting Moor”

The deeper we dive into this psych-rock pool, the more we are starting to realize that Canadian rock bands might just be leading this current wave. On our latest visit to our Northern neighbors, we are checking out “Everlasting Moor” the last single from Lammping. Only taking true shape in the last few years, Lammping was founded by singer/songwriter Mikhail Galkin and drummer Jay Anderson in a chance meeting. After bonding over their mutual music influences on a night where both of their previous bands shared the playbill, Galkin and Anderson recruited guitarist Matt Aldred and bassist Scott Hannigan. No stranger to Toronto’s underground scene themselves, Lammping set one clear goal in mind…to combine and unite their drastically different sounds under the psych-rock banner. Since forming the band has released two albums, 1 EP (with another one on the horizon), and are making their way to the top of the Toronto psych-rock scene.

When you decide to take your talented group of musicians and dabble into the psych-rock genre, you need to have a unique style to rise you to the top among your peers. With “Everlasting Moor” being the latest from the Lammping camp, the band gives us a rather clear picture of what kind of sound they prepared for their upcoming EP Stars We Lost. While “Everlasting Moor” does have modern psych-rock elements, the track instead breathes 70s space-rock akin to Stereolab, De La Soul, and Kraftwerk. Utilizing atmospheric guitar work to build out the track’s world and a killer breakbeat to hold together the instrumental, listeners are able to be mesmerized by Galkin’s vocal performance/ If you want more of Lammping’s hypnotic space-rock nostalgia, make sure you check out the full Stars We Lost EP when it drops on March 4th!

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