Protocol Vet Marc Benjamin Joins Newcomer RayRay to Showcase the Sinister “My Swag”

This artist seems like he is on an expedition, he just keeps exploring and discovering new territories. On our most recent trip to Protocol, we were treated to the sultry “My Swag” from Marc Benjamin and RayRay. Our veteran this time around, Marc Benjamin, decided to make his comeback on Protocol for the single reason, to flourish on the Protocol stage. Benjamin brings his impeccable taste and knowledge in production to the Protocol team, which is always a valued asset.  While Nicky Romero led Protocol Recordings has always been on the front lines of showcasing upcoming music artists, it’s refreshing to see even Protocol breaking their protocol to try something a bit more unique.

We weren’t exactly sure where Marc Benjamin was headed next, as “Show You” gave us a taste of his exploration into new styles. His journey chose Taiwan as the next stop, where he joined forces with newcomer artist RayRay to jump into the studio. Benjamin takes “My Swag” as a chance to continue his exploration, this time diving into the combined world of electro and trap. “My Swag” pulls zero punches, letting RayRay run wild with her sultry vocal performance and Benjamin injecting trap basslines to fill in the gaps. We may be in the dead of a frosty winter, but “My Swag” wiill warm up the club and set it ablaze. The track may sound sinister in nature, but there is nothing hiding within the production except and addictive beat.

Make sure you check out “My Swag” on Spotify below and on YouTube!

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