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After 12 Years, Legendary Multi-platinum Duo Showtek Return to Their Hardstyle Roots with the Massive 15-track Studio Album “360 Blue,”

We’ve been waiting for this for ages. Today’s artist was a fundamental influence for us falling in love with EDM, and a return to roots is perfectly timed. On our initial visit to SKINK we are checking out ‘360 Blue’, the newest album from Showtek. Showtek, the Dutch production duo made up of brothers Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen, started their career in electronic music as hardstyle DJs/producers and quickly rose to fame with their hit “FTS.” Over the years, they’ve evolved into leading figures in the electronic dance music (EDM) industry, known for their platinum-selling, chart-topping singles. Their track “Bad” with David Guetta, featuring VASSY, has garnered over 1 billion streams, showcasing their global impact and popularity. Showtek’s collaborations with top artists like Major Lazer, Tiësto, and Steve Aoki highlight their versatility and ability to blend their unique style with various musical influences.

Beyond their impressive discography, Showtek’s energetic live performances and innovative approach to blending genres have earned them a loyal fanbase worldwide. Tracks like “Booyah” have become festival anthems, and their willingness to experiment with different sounds keeps their music fresh and exciting. Showtek’s journey from hardstyle to mainstream EDM reflects their adaptability and passion for pushing musical boundaries, turning them into a cultural phenomenon and a movement in the EDM scene.

After producing a variety of genres over the last 20 years, we felt it was time to bundle each genre into its own primary colour in the ‘360‘ project. ‘360‘ tells and captures our story of being more of an all-round act, having toured around the globe multiple times,  and showing our love, passion, dedication, and appreciation for all the genres in the electronic music space. Being a DJ allows you to touch base with many different cultures worldwide; it’s hard to just stick to one thing or genre. As a human you grow, you develop, you broaden your horizon,  or just look at things differently. It’s important to transcend that into your music as well. Different music is made for different moments, and scenarios. Festivals, clubs, venues, sports stadiums, radio, beach, road trips, etc. We aim to showcase the wide range of passion for different styles under one umbrella. This has been very challenging, but we feel that with the 3-part ‘360‘ concept, we can give each genre its own identity and still be Showtek. We had hits like ‘Booyah‘, ‘Bad‘ with David Guetta, and ‘Believer‘ with Major Lazer, in the big room sound, with ‘FTS‘, ‘World Is Mine‘ and the ‘Ftrack‘ still being fan favourites in the hardstyle scene, we are proud that these songs have become staple in each genre, and are still being played every day worldwide, by fans, listeners, and DJs. Moving forward, and looking forward we are eager to grow and expand, and compartmentalize each sound to make sure every sound has the Showtek signature.” – Showtek

Veteran Dutch DJ/producer duo Showtek has just dropped their new album, “360 Blue,” taking fans back to their hardstyle roots with 15 electrifying tracks. This album continues the “360” concept they kicked off in late 2023, celebrating their 20-year career and their love for various music genres. “360 Blue” opens with “Dear Hardstyle” featuring Earl St. Clair, mixing heartfelt spoken word with intense beats. The album features festival anthems like “Spaceman” with DJ Isaac and “Mirror Mirror” with Steve Aoki and Jem Cooke, as well as the dreamy “Dream (Adrenalize Remix),” wrapping up with the haunting “Heaven or Hell.”

Showtek premiered “360 Blue” at a packed show at the Sydney Showground Stadium, performing for nearly two and a half hours to a crowd of almost 10,000 excited fans. The event was a high-energy showcase of their new music and a nod to their storied past, setting the stage for more hardstyle events in 2024. It was a night to remember for both new and longtime fans, highlighting Showtek’s enduring appeal and dynamic presence in the music scene.

Make sure you check out ‘360 Blue’ on Spotify below!


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 Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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