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A Comeback in the Works, Mosimann Releases New Track "I Need"

After a bit of time away, it is time we welcome back a member of the Protocol roster. Closing out coverage we have “I Need”, a brand new comeback track from Mosimann over on Protocol. While Protocol has always been forward-thinking in terms of predicting trends and making waves, not every artist is pure gold. However, this is when you just need to experiment and find the right crowd to bounce off your ideas and style. Mosimann has been tearing it up since he burst onto the stream, with one of his tracks even earning more than 3 million streams on Spotify! Upon releasing this track, an idea was formed. Antoine Delvig, who has been known for multiple successful remixes on Martin Garrix’s label, would edit the track.
While every artist deserves to take a break to recharge, we believe some artists just need to revisit their roots. “I Need” is an excellent track to showcase Mosimann’s energetic yet groovy style that will keep you on the dancefloor. This track pushes Mosimann’s groovy melodies to the center stage while giving plenty of breathing room for the bouncy bass line to keep everything moving and in line. “I Need” also features a quick uplifting vocal hook that is just the finishing touch on a groovy dancefloor bop.
Make sure you check out “I Need” on Spotify!

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