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“Motivation” by Aries Marquis: Modern Soul From a Genuinely Kind Soul of an Artist

The world of soul is one that we need to roam around in a bit more often because there is plenty of talent just below the surface. On our latest dive into the world of soul we are checking out “Motivation”, the latest release from Aries Marquis. Aries Marquis, a hardworking and empathetic artist, has been performing his unique blend of soulful pop R&B since 2007. His father discovered his talent when he heard Marquis singing on a voicemail, and from that moment, he encouraged him to pursue a career in music. Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Marquis was surrounded by a musical culture, and his father even encouraged his singing career in his mother’s choir at a young age. While he later formed a successful band called J2, it is in his solo career that he has truly found his voice, drawing influences from artists like Boyz 2 Men, Michael Jackson, and Justin Timberlake. Aries Marquis has gained recognition for his captivating performances and his deeply personal lyrics, which reflect his experiences as a father, a Christian, a US Army veteran, and a human being. His music offers a cathartic and relatable experience for his audience.

“The inspiration for my song “Motivation” struck me one night while I was driving, and it made me realize something profound: the incredible support I’ve received from the women in my life has been instrumental to my success in the music industry and in life.Their strength, wisdom, and kindness truly motivate me. I wanted to create a song that would express my deep gratitude and remind women everywhere of their immeasurable value. I know firsthand the impact that strong women have had on my journey, and I wanted to honor that through my music. In crafting the sound of this song, I drew from my soulful, Gospel-like roots to authentically express myself, even breaking away from current trends in music to convey a heartfelt message of appreciation and thoughtfulness, especially in the ending. I hope that through “Motivation,” others can also find the inspiration to show the
important people in their lives what they truly mean to them.” – Aries Marquis

A talented and genuine artist known for his soulful pop R&B sound Aries has recently released his latest single, “Motivation.” Drawing inspiration from the harmonies of Boyz II Men and the nostalgic vibes of 90s R&B, “Motivation” is a soulful masterpiece that captivates listeners from start to finish. “Motivation” encapsulates Aries Marquis‘ unique ability to blend contemporary R&B elements with timeless soulful melodies. The track showcases his impressive vocal range, effortlessly moving from smooth, heartfelt verses to powerful, emotionally charged choruses. With each note, Aries pours his heart and soul into the music, creating an intimate connection with his listeners. As we immerse ourselves in the smooth harmonies and relatable storytelling of “Motivation,” we can’t help but be inspired to find our own motivation and embrace the beauty of Aries Marquis‘ artistry.

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