Talented Singer Songwriter L.A. Foster Showcases All Her Musical Influences in New Single “Keep Faith”

While the art of music has often been a collaborative effort, it all started with the individual talent. On our lazy Sunday we are diving headfirst into the Canadian independent scene to check out “Keep Faith”, a brand new track from Montreal singer-songwriter L.A. Foster. A world-traveling musician with plenty of influences, L.A. Foster has easily become a staple in the growing Montreal scene. Through her collaborative nature and joint efforts, Foster created a melting pot of musical stylings that enhance her natural talents. While just finishing off a cross-Canadian summer tour, Foster jumps into the studio to engineer her next EP, now known as “All My Lost Chances Are Beautiful.” “Keep Faith” is the second single on the EP, tied to the initial release “Cruel Love”.

“Inspired by the state of the world, society and trying to maintain your resolve and resilience in the face of  it all. Remembering where you came from while remembering who you are and where you are going.”- L.A. Foster

As of late, we cover quite a few different artists in the independent scene and there are a few of them that rise to the top. We have to appreciate L.A. Foster and her world influences, as the current music world needs artists like her that are not afraid to fuse her sounds. “Keep Faith” is a beautiful track that frees L.A. Foster from the traditional chains and let her explore her ever-growing vocal stylings. The track is sample-heavy yet slaps, leaving plenty of room for Foster to exercise her intense vocal performance to tie the production together. If you haven’t heard of Foster before, that needs to be fixed ASAP.

Make sure you check out “Keep Faith” on Spotify below and on SoundCloud!

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