Singer Songwriter Cassie Fireman Releases Sultry Yet Motivating Alt-Pop Single “Chase”

Not every musician walks down the same path or  through the same struggles. How they take those obstacles and transform them into expression, says a lot about them. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “Chase”, the latest drop from Cassie Fireman. Cassie’s path to being a professional musician has been one filled to the brim with twists and turns. While she started off expressing her ideas through the immersive arts, she was surprised to be introduced to the Director of NYC’s Summer Concert Series as a singer-songwriter. Just a few weeks later, Cassie took the stage at Fireman’s Garden and performed one of her original songs to much applause. Now with that creative spark lit, she went on to form the all girl group The Panty Droppers, which fueled Cassie’s fire even more. While the band was short-lived, Cassie would later move on to create Dirty Mae, with that band finding much pre-pandemic success. Once the pandemic hit and Dirty Mae’s current tour halted, Cassie took the time to fully flesh out the rest of her first solo album, thus striking off on the latest path in her career.

“Singing my own lyrics felt like butterflies swirling in my stomach, flying out my mouth. Personal moments and stories only my journals had known, were floating off pages and taking on a life of their own. While the experience was vulnerable and scary, ultimately it felt like coming home to myself in a way I hadn’t experienced before..and I wanted more. Also, the gig was at a venue called Fireman’s (my last name) Garden, so that has to be a good sign!” – Cassie Fireman

A seasoned musician in the New York indie scene, you never know exactly what vision Cassie has for an individual song or a project as a whole. After she teased her upcoming solo album with a handful of singles, Cassie popped on our radar with “Chase”, a powerful indie pop single. Exploring the concepts of chasing down goals and milestones outside of what is expected of you, “Chase” hits us hard with Cassie’s powerful vocal delivery. Filled with emotion yet standing strong, Cassie’s motivating vocal performance takes center stage in front of a minimal alt-pop production that ebbs and flows with each powerful note. While we didn’t know that we would be hooked going into this single, we know that at some level Cassie figured us out and scored a critical hit.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Chase” over on YouTube and the song over on Spotify!

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Cassie Fireman

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Photo Credit: Philip Hurley

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