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We Need More BPMs! Will Sparks x Maddix Release "Mangalan" on Heavyweight Records

Compared to our last release, we think it is time to bump up those sweet BPMs. Rocking throughout the weekend we have “Managalam”, the latest from Will Sparks and Maddix over on Heavyweight Records. Will Sparks has absolutely been tearing up the scene since his first hit “Ah Yeah So What” gained international praise from listeners and professionals in the community. Sparks has been riding the wave of success ever since, earning multiple accolades in his home country of Australia. Sparks live performances have become a renowned experience, guaranteeing to whip the audience into a frenzy. Sparks is far from a one-hit-wonder, as he has gone on to release tracks with Sony Music and Armada, just to name a few. While Maddix is still a bit of a newcomer with only a few tracks/remixes under his belt, adding “Managalam” to his discography will definitely up his resume.
Sparks and Maddix took an interesting approach to the creation of “Managalam”, combining elements from hardstyle, bounce, and tribal to create one hell of a track. With Sparks becoming the “King of Melbourne Bounce”, there was no doubt that the track would have plenty of those aspects. “Managalam” prioritizes its upbeat drum beats, but then shifts your focus to the intense bass line the flows and keeps the entire track together. Smushed in between it all is the tribal-influenced vocal hook, which gives the entire track a new tone that hooks us right from the beginning.
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