Classically Trained Producer Josh Teed Marries Violin & Bass Music Into a Surreal EP “The Journey East”

With the rise and wide acceptance of electronic music in today’s music industry, more unique artists are breaking out into our feeds. On our latest visit over to Gravitas Music we are checking out The Journey East, the latest EP from Josh Teed. A classically trained musician from a very young age, Teed first picked up a violin at the age of 3 and a mere six years later he won the Florida Fiddle Championship. However, like many of us in our discovery of music, once Teed uncovered the gold mine that is electronic music he had to uncover a way to marry his two interests. After finding the right blend of classical and electronic music, Teed crafted an electrifying live DJ set that include violin, didgeridoo, and live analog synthesis. With plenty of milestones under his belt, Teed took the next step in June 2020 and founded is very own label known as the Taiga Collective. The non-profit label provides an avenue for producers and artists in the melodic and world bass music genres to release their music with all profits going to wildlife conservation.  

First off, we want to give a major shout-out to Gravitas, as without y’all we wouldn’t be so entranced by world music as we are now. Now that that is out of the way, if you are a fan of melodic bass or world music at all you have to push play on The Journey East. Right out of the gate on the first track of the EP, “Silk Road”, you can feel Teed’s rhythmic world-building being built while at the same time allowing his violin to organically cut through the noise and elevate the experience. The surreal experience is interrupted by “Crescent Bounce”, a collaboration with MORiLLO and Brad Heste that results in a genre-bending rap meet bass music single. Each track of The Journey East honestly deserves a listen, as the journey from world bass to experimental minimalism is one that only has space for Teed as your guide. Dreamy, melodic, and surreal, The Journey East is one we will gladly experience over and over. 

Make sure you check out The Journey East on Spotify below or over on Soundcloud!

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