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Toronto-Based Rockers Ace of Wands Teases New Album With New Single “I Taste Blood”

Regardless if you are a blog, prestigious magazine, or just a single listner, every act deserves a second take. On our latest visit to our neighbors up North we are checking out “I Taste Blood”, the latest drop from Ace of Wands. Hailing from Toronto, Ace of Wands consistes of three superb musicians with multi-instrumentalist Lee Rose at the core playing violin/guitar and synth-bass foot pedals simultaneously, while Anna Mernieks and Jody Brumell join her on guitar and drums. Their winning combination of instrumentation, soaring vocals, and artistic visual elements has caught the attention of both the local alternative rock and pop scenes while also launching a grassroots fan base. Thanks to their more intriguing approach to music production, Ace of Wands is able to explore familiar concepts with a different style than what we could normally expect from an indie pop act. With one album released in 2019 and a slew of singles since, we’re excited to see where Ace of Wands heads during the rest of 2023.

While some of the best frontmen/frontwomen create the biggest hits in a band’s discographjy, sometimes your other bandmates may surprise you with their songwriting skills. With “I Taste Blood” being the band’s first release of 2023, the track is also the first single written by guitarist Anna Mernieks. While every song is open to interpretation, “I Taste Blood” explores that moment of electrical energy when you’re around someone you like. Packaged within the band’s raw and artistic performance, “I Taste Blood” `injects a dark yet punchy dose into Ace of Wands that allows their raw power to be harnessed within the confines of a single song. Don’t put Ace of Wands on your back burnder just quite yet, as the band has plenty to share with the world throughout the rest of 2023….but you’ll just have to stay tuned.

Make sure you check out “I Taste Blood” on Spotify below!

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