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After Multiple Plays From Skrillex Around The World, “Trust” by QUIX Finally Gets Its Time To Shine via Dim Mak Records

It is purely amazing the type of journey a single track can travel before it reaches the spotlight. On our latest visit to Dim Mak Records we are checking out “Trust”, the latest drop from QUIX. Originating from New Zealand, QUIX broke through the American scene after an international tour that was 10 dates turned into 42. QUIX was incredibly busy throughout 2018-19, headlining multiple major tours and a breakout Illusions EP through the Dim Mak label. Since then, QUIX’s Illusions EP has racked up millions of streams online and introduced QUIX’s signature take on drum’n’bass to electronic music fans everywhere. He even received plenty of support from Spotify and snagged features on the covers of their playlists “Mint” and “DanWce Rising,” and officially remixed the likes of Steve AokiGASHIRL Grime, and more.

Originally I made it back in 2020, and it was part of a compilation album called “Boost Tape vol.1” (a r/Trap selection of songs that was put on Bandcamp for charity). After being approached to be involved in the compilation, I scrolled through some unfinished projects on my computer. I found “Trust,” polished it off, and sent it in, not really thinking it would get crazy attention or anything… Fast forward to 2023, and Skrillex now is now consistently dropping it in sets. The story goes a DJ/mash-up/edit maker from Australia by the name of Mushu got ahold of “Trust” and mashed it with the recently released Skrillex tune “Rumble.” From there, Mushu sent it to Benzi, the king of mash-ups and edits, who sent it over to Skrillex. Before I knew any of this, I remember going onto Youtube to watch a little bit of Skrillex‘s Lollapalooza set and saw in the comments a “tracklist,” and halfway through it, I noticed “ID – ID,” which always gets me a little excited as you know you’re about to hear some heat. Lo and behold, the ID was my very own “Trust.” And with the Skrillex hype, we’ve decided to officially release it alongside a VIP mix as well.” – QUIX

The bass maestro QUIX has set the electronic music scene ablaze with the release of his highly anticipated creation, “Trust.” This track has become a sensation among in-the-know fans ever since the legendary Skrillex dropped it in several recent sets, generating an electrifying buzz throughout the community. Surprisingly, “Trust” wasn’t initially intended for the spotlight. QUIX first crafted the masterpiece in 2020 as a contribution to a charitable compilation, never imagining that it would someday grace the stage at a colossal festival like Lollapalooza, where it could be accompanied by the spectacle of lasers dancing in the night.

The journey into “Trust” begins with an eerie vocal riff, setting a haunting atmosphere that draws listeners into its sonic world. Siren-like effects add an additional layer of intrigue, creating an irresistible allure. As the track unfolds, the anticipation steadily builds, and tension mounts until it reaches an exhilarating peak.

Then, like an explosion of pure energy, “Trust” unleashes its epic drop, an unforgettable moment that leaves audiences in awe. Anchored by a deep, dark bassline, the drop resonates within the core of every listener, capturing their senses and pulling them deeper into the music. The drop is enhanced by an array of serrating mechanical synths, generating a raw and electrifying sound that satisfies all headbanging fantasies.

Make sure you check out “Trust” on Spotify below!

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