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Kyndom Records Label Boss Ashton Adams x 100M’s Fuses Urban House + Hip-Hop In New Single “HOV”

You know, we feel like we’ve seen this wave come and go…but it may just be already due for a revival. On our initial visit to Kyndom Records, we are checking out “HOV”, the latest drop from Ashton Adams. Producer, drummer, and label owner are just a few tags that could apply to this incredibly talented Canadian producer. Adams has been incredibly busy filling out his repertoire via works including viral Tik-Tok star 347aidanBryan “BC” CockettVito Luprano (Celine Dion‘s executive producer), and producing at Miami’s Hit Factory where he met today’s collaborators 100M’s Inspired by young black DJs and producers during the 1970s and 80s, Adams aims to incorporate many nostalgic sounds into his hip-hop meets bass music formula. Adams currently operates Kyndom Records and Kyndom Studios, where he can provide resources to signed artists to aid in their growth as artists. This expands to Kyndom’s partnership with The Waterloo Region District School Board where Adams can provide classes to high schoolers who are interested in singing, rapping, music production, photography, and cosmetology.

There was a period a few years ago where every major producer in the mix was incorporating house music into hip-hop and rap music, but then it went as quickly as it came. However, it takes dedicated producers like Ashton Adams and talented artists like 100M’s to pump a bit more life into that style. Adams crafts a blend of bass and tech house meets hip-hop that definitely stands out from the fray, almost as if “HOV” is two different tracks spliced together. However, thanks to Adams’s tight production, this hard-hitting dance-rap amalgamation works and slaps way harder than it actually should. “HOV” is a solid example of how versatile bass and urban house music truly is, and how with just a bit of finesse you can make some banger beats.

Make sure you check out the music video for “HOV” on YouTube below or listen over on Spotify!

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