Charlotte Sands Shares New Single “Six Feet Under” Ahead of Festival Run + European Headline Shows

The angsty pop/punk queen has returned, this time with a bit of a vengeance. On our latest dive into the world of pop punk we are checking out “Six Feet Under”, the latest drop from Charlotte Sands. Hailing from Massachusetts, Charlotte uncovered her love for music through a rather unique blend of influences, 2000s pop-punk as the framework with folk music for lyrics. Focusing on relaying personal and human experiences, Charlotte has captured the attention and hearts of the masses through bright and positive sounds…all through the lens of modern punk rock music. Her most recent single. “Dress”,  broke the Top 100 on the iTunes Pop Chart and has amassed of 19 million streams online since its release. 2021 was a monumental year for Charlotte and her sound, so starting off 2022 with Love and Other Lies is a perfect way to ride that momentum.

“‘Six Feet Under’ is a song about having the impulse to sabotage your own life whenever it feels comfortable and the addictiveness of having highs and lows instead of balance and stability,” said Charlotte. “It’s for anyone that finds themself having self-destructive tendencies and constantly struggles with embracing solidity. I hope you love this song and I hope it brings you some kind of peace knowing you are not the only person who feels more at ease when surrounded by chaos.” – Charlotte Sands

When you find inspiration and a musical style out of two drastically different niches and it works, you need to fully embrace the sound and make it your own. Charlotte continues embracing her amalgamation of sound in her new single “Six Feet Under”, which actually might be a prime example of how her style is evolving. Taking inspiration from early 2000s pop punk bands paired with the lyrics and storytelling of folk singers, Charlotte strikes the right balance between each niche and the result is pure self-expression. When you have an artist like Charlotte who isn’t afraid to speak or play loud, their energy is absolutely infectious and simply adds to the replayability of their catalog. “Six Feet Under” comes just ahead of Charlotte’s packed summer festival season, where she will be adding even more popular venue performances and a German headlining tour under her belt. Frankly, if you are a fan of modern pop-punk and you aren’t on the Charlotte Sands hype train, where the hell are you?

Make sure you catch Charlotte Sands live!

Upcoming Shows

  • 3/17/23 – Austin, TX – SXSW
  • 5/5/23 – Atlanta, GA – Shaky Knees
  • 5/7/23 – West Palm Beach, FL – SunFest
  • 5/20/23 – Gulf Shores, AL – Hangout Fest
  • 5/27/23 – London, England – Slam Dunk South
  • 5/28/23 – Leeds, England – Slam Dunk North
  • 5/30/23 – Hamburg, Germany – Häaken
  • 5/31/23 – Berlin, Germany – Cassiopeia
  • 6/2/23 – Rimini, Italy – Slam Dunk Italy
  • 6/3/23 – Nuremburg – Rock im Park
  • 6/4/23 – Nurburgring – Rock am Ring
  • 6/6/23 – Budapest, Hungary – Budapest Park (Opening for Simple Plan)

Make sure you check out “Six Feet Under” on Spotify below!

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Photo by Megan Clark

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